The Chief Strategic Officer

Terryl Ebony is a national speaker, life & business strategist, author, community advocate, and mother. Terryl is a keynote, guest speaker, host and training facilitator for events and conferences throughout the country. Terryl is the CEO of Find Your Purpose, Inc., where she helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders find, embrace, and live in their purpose.  Her mission is to equip her clients with the tools, strategies, and resources to create a solid foundation while creating a productive, profitable, and sustainable business.  Terryl’s industry focus is coaches, speakers, and authors.

In 2017, Terryl will launch Purpose Media Communications, a consulting company that will help coaches, speakers, and authors gain visibility in their perspective industries through Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Media.

"It's time to turn your dream into reality.  #LetsWork!"

The Author

Terryl is the author of “Losing Love, Having Faith & Finding Hope”.  This powerful self-help guide allows parents to develop and/or strengthen their parent-child(ren) relationships. Terryl is also the co-author of "Delayed But Not Denied", where she pens a chapter called "When I Stopped Playing Double-Dutch". Terryl is currently working on Co-authoring two additional books, "She Wouldn't Let Me Fall" and "Black, Brilliant, & Built For Success".

"I write to Teach, Inspire, & Empower"

The Advocate

Terryl is the founder/Executive Director of The Misunderstood Youth Development Center (MYDC), whose mission to create various peer-oriented programs that allows self-expression while “helping to understand, develop and stimulate the minds of our youth.” Terryl created and implemented “The Fresh Start Program”, an alternative sentencing program ran through the Queens District Attorney’s Office for youth ages 14 - 20.

Terryl has been recognized for being a Write-In Candidate in the 2015 special election campaign for NYS Assembly.  She facilitated the 1st Youth Committee for the 31st Council District Participatory Budgeting Initiative. She currently sits on her community board.

"To much is given much is required. I know have been called to serve".

The Person

Terryl is a mother of two, a position she holds as her primary job and main priority.  Terryl like to laugh, sing, and spend time with her family, when she is not working.  Terryl has always been viewed as the "Unapologetic Truth Teller".  She holds no punches; she speaks what's on her mind and she let's you know the "real deal".  Her straight-forward personality has gotten her in trouble from time to time; however, it has also garnered her respect from her friends, family, co-professionals, and clients.

"People are tired of the beat around the bush mentality.  They don't have time to waste and neither do I.  So, I often say what others are afraid to, but I believe it's important for people to be clear on what's what.  This way they can move forward, making the best informed decision possible.  That's just who I am and I don't plan to change, lol".

Recognizing her journey is far from over, Terryl aspires to do more in her community and around the world.

Achievements & Awards

Terryl has received the following awards and recognition for her work:

  • Associates Degree in Human Services
  • Credentialed Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Credentialed Family Development Supervisor
  • Congressional Achievement Award from the 5th Congressional District Leader for mentoring young women;
  • Women’s History Month Achievement Award from the National Action Network, Queen Chapter;
  • Proclamation MYDC & Losing Love, Having Faith & Finding Hope from 29th NYS Assembly District;
  • Proclamation for MYDC from the Brooklyn Borough President;
  • Citation from the 28th City Council District;
  • Citation from the 14th Senate District;
  • Outstanding Dedication & Commitment to NYC from NYC Public Advocate
  • Community Service Award from the Mayor and Village of Hempstead, Long Island.