The Producer

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, combined with her education in human services and community organizing, Terryl Ebony has a wealth of knowledge that transcends her title of Life & Business Productivity Strategist (a.k.a. “The Producer”), faith-based speaker, correspondent, author, and community advocate. As the CEO of Find Your Purpose, Terryl empowers faith-based entrepreneurs on national platforms, in groups, and through one on one coaching and consulting. She teaches effective time management, organization, systems, and strategies to help entrepreneurs find, embrace, and live in their purpose, so they can begin producing the results they want.

Terryl was crowned “The Producer” in 2017 when she undoubtedly proved she was the expert at getting the job done. Moving dozens of clients from idea to fruition, from one level to the next, from stuck to action, from procrastination to anticipation, and from working harder to working smarter. Terryl uses an unapologetic, tell it like it is, yet caring and amusing approach of productive strategies to get her message across. She speaks nationally on topics such as: productivity, finding purpose, loving the skin you’re in, having a CEO Mindset, creating solid business foundations, etc. Terryl is a celebrity social media correspondent for conferences, red carpet, and live events.  She is also the Founder/Host of the Faith Walk To Purpose Podcast, where she interviews high income entrepreneurial earners about their faith walk to purpose.

For so long, I doubted my abilities and myself.  I didn’t let it show on the outside but I was unhappy on the inside.  It wasn’t until I got a life coach that I realized where my gifts were, and why I doubted them to begin with.  That decision to get a coach changed my life forever.  I knew, at that moment, I wanted to give people like you that same feeling and assurance - "You can do it"!  After working with me, you confidently be able to say #IamAProducer!

"It's time to turn your dream into reality.  #LetsWork!"

The Author

Publishing her 1st book in 2013, Terryl is the author of “Losing Love, Having Faith and Finding Hope”, a self-help book that touches the hearts of families as it relates to raising a child in a single parent household. It speaks to the child’s feelings of abandonment and being used. It also deals with the decisions parents make that have a negative impact on their child. In 2016, Terryl co-authored the book “Delayed But Not Denied” penning the chapter, “When I Stopped Playing Double-Dutch”. She inspires you to replace fear with faith and go for the things in life you want. Terryl tells her story of how being scared hindered her until she started to believe in herself and trusting that God had an unfailing plan for her life.

"I write to Teach, Inspire, & Empower"

The Advocate

Terryl is the founder/Executive Director of The Misunderstood Youth Development Center (MYDC), whose mission to create various peer-oriented programs that allows self-expression while “helping to understand, develop and stimulate the minds of our youth.” Terryl created and implemented “The Fresh Start Program”, an alternative sentencing program ran through the Queens District Attorney’s Office for youth ages 14 - 20.

Terryl has been recognized for being a Write-In Candidate in the 2015 special election campaign for NYS Assembly.  She facilitated the 1st Youth Committee for the 31st Council District Participatory Budgeting Initiative. She currently sits on her community board.

"To much is given much is required. I know have been called to serve".

The Person

Terryl is a mother, a position she holds as her primary job and main priority.  Terryl likes to laugh, sing, and spend time with her family, when she is not working.  Terryl has always been viewed as the "Unapologetic Truth Teller".  She holds no punches; she speaks what's on her mind and she let's you know the "real deal".  Her straight-forward personality has gotten her in trouble from time to time; however, it has also garnered her respect from her friends, family, co-professionals, and clients.

"People are tired of the beat around the bush mentality.  They don't have time to waste and neither do I.  So, I often say what others are afraid to, but I believe it's important for people to be clear on what's what.  This way they can move forward, making the best informed decision possible.  That's just who I am and I don't plan to change, lol".

Recognizing her journey is far from over, Terryl aspires to do more in her community and around the world.  She is a strong woman of faith who believes all her past experiences, good and bad, have been the blessings to propel her into finding her own true purpose in life.  It is her greatest joy to see others soaring in their divine assignments based on her proven God-given strategies.

Achievements & Awards

Terryl has received the following awards and recognition for her work:

  • Associates Degree in Human Services
  • Credentialed Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Credentialed Family Development Supervisor
  • Congressional Achievement Award from the 5th Congressional District Leader for mentoring young women;
  • Women’s History Month Achievement Award from the National Action Network, Queen Chapter;
  • Proclamation MYDC & Losing Love, Having Faith & Finding Hope from 29th NYS Assembly District;
  • Proclamation for MYDC from the Brooklyn Borough President;
  • Citation from the 28th City Council District;
  • Citation from the 14th Senate District;
  • Outstanding Dedication & Commitment to NYC from NYC Public Advocate
  • Community Service Award from the Mayor and Village of Hempstead, Long Island.