#IamAProducer Tour 2017

Find Your Purpose with Terryl Ebony Presents the #IamAProducer Tour.  Beginning June 2017, we are going to 6 States in 6 months, empowering attendees to find, embrace, and live in their purpose.  It is time to stop "talking" about all the things you want to do in life and start "Producing".  As the Chief Life & Business Strategist, Terryl Ebony has teamed up with some of the most amazing Ambassadors in each state to bring you the tools, strategies, and resources to not only identify the root issues that have been holding you back, but also begin the process to overcome and move forward.

This tour is best suited for those individuals who:

  • Are New or Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Feel Stuck in their Everyday Life
  • Need Strategies & Resources to move to the next level
  • Want to Network to increase their Net-Worth
  • Are ready to PRODUCE something magnificent in their life.

Tour Stops: Georgia / Texas / California / Florida / New York

Meet the #IamAProducer AMBASSADORS


Rose Stevenson is an inspirational speaker, confidence builder, author, devoted wife and loving mother of 6 children.  She wholeheartedly believes that anyone can live their best life regardless of past mistakes. Her message promotes hope and healing to women bound by hurt and pain.  She empowers others to believe in themselves while leaning on their faith to persevere during life's most challenging times.

Rose is a woman of great faith and has firsthand experience on overcoming trying times. Her "tell it like it is" attitude is tempered by grace and her love for people. As the "Confidence Builder", Rose helps women shed emotional pounds and move forward to not just live - but to conquer, because in her words, "Whatever you are going through, you can get through.  All you have to do is Keep Pressing!"


Leslie F. Thomas is the CEO of Aspire 2B HR Solutions, LLC. She is an HR Strategist and Career Coach to professionals looking to transition from one career to the next. Leslie specializes in assisting these professionals with everything to get off on the right foot, such as: Cover Letters, Thank You Letters, Resume modifications and even Resignation Letters when necessary. Leslie also partners with Corporate America by providing Training and Professional Development Training to School Districts and Mid-size organizations.

Leslie is a graduate of Southern University A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and University of Phoenix, with degrees in Social Work and Human Resources Management. Leslie holds many professional memberships and certifications but the most important title she’ll ever hold is Woman of God and Mom!


Dana Warren, CEO of Great Options  LLC, is a  Virtual Assistant that has worked in the industry  since 2013.  Great Option provides new to mid level entrepreneurs with supportive administrative services, so they can focus on increasing productivity, business development, and sales.

Dana has a BS in Agriculture Economics for Southern University A& M College and received a Certification in  Administrative Assistance from the Baton Rouge Vocational School.   She is  the VP of Education with the Statement Makers Toastmasters in El Dorado Hills, California, where she currently resides with her husband and son.  Dana also volunteers at the El Dorado Hills Food Bank.


Deyna L. Gomez is the Owner/Founder of Vida Del Sol, LLC, a company specializing in Spiritual Energy Readings and handcrafted therapeutic products.

Vida Del Sol was established in 2014 as Deyna began helping friends and neighbors with natural alternative healing methods. She studied Herbalism at the Florida School of Holistic Living, in Orlando Florida. As her clientele grew, Deyna began to offer Spiritual Energy Readings along with Cleansings, after realizing many of the physical ailments of her clients were often manifested by emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalances.

It is Deyna’s mission and passion to bring awareness of healing and wholeness mind, body and spirit.


Lakia Diggs is a spirited licensed Cosmetologist, entrepreneur, speaker, and philanthropist throughout the State of Maryland.  Her passion for healthy hair and scalp care has afforded her the opportunity to serve her clientele for over 19 years.  Lakia is an experienced wig crafter with her own wig unit collection, extensive education in complex weave installations, as well as precision cutting, and advanced custom coloring.  Lakia is skilled and comfortable with ALL hair types and textures from ALL ethnicities.

Her extensions line “Bundles From Mary” offers clients a diverse assortment of human hair textures and densities from a variety of different origins that will blend flawlessly with any hair type.  After achieving success with her growth stimulating “BFM Miracle Drops” she will soon offer a full range of hair care products that will promote healthy hair and assist in it’s growth and scalp care.

Lakia also uses her experience and education to give private classes to those seeking to pass their board exam.


Empowering, Educating and Encouraging women in business are the bywords that Camille K Fanfair has taken and created a powerful business model known as WIN—Women Increasing their Net worth, a Brooklyn-based organization that has supported women business owners since 2013 with online workshops, networking events, and quarterly events featuring guest speakers and providers showcasing their products and services. Camille is also the co-founder and CEO of Focus on Divas, one of the leading event planning and decorating specialty companies in Brooklyn with clients including celebrity entertainers, major corporations, politicians, and mega churches.  She is a wife of 16 years and the proud mother of four children.

Camille has extended her brand and stepped into the realm of producing events ranging from corporate roundtables, parties, along with fashion and comedy shows. She is the engineer behind the popular community events produced by the Bed-Stuy Gateway Business Improvement District including the annual Halloween party in which more than 350 community children receive free healthy treats and gifts. She is the co-producer of the Chuckle-Up Comedy Series featuring up and coming and established stand-up comedians from across the country.

Meet the #IamAProducer SPONSORS

Beverly Walthour

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In her book, Tying the Knot between Ministry and the Marketplace, Beverly Walthour, opens up about the highs and lows of her career as an educator and the start of her entrepreneurial journey. She shares how FEAR kept her in a career that was no longer fulfilling and how that same FEAR drove her from a growing tutoring business back into that same career. Have you ever let FEAR keep you in a situation that you should have left a long time ago? Well, that was Beverly for such a long time. However, Tying the Knot between Ministry and the Marketplace, will provide you with practical steps you can implement IMMEDIATELY to push past your fears and live the life you deserve!