Working with the Producer

Are you ready to become a Producer?

You are invited to look at the Producer Packages offered to work with the Chief Strategic Officer.  Terryl Ebony and her team will take you to the next level in your life and/or business.  These are not your typical packages where you sign up and you're on your own.  You will have someone with you every step of the way for support, guidance, and accountability.  Terryl Ebony takes your progress, purpose, and productivity very seriously.

All packages require a 6 month commitment.  Click on the program link for pricing and payment plan options. The work begins immediately once you sign up.  If you would like to have a more in depth conversation regarding to see which of the Purpose Plans best suits your current needs, schedule a Discovery Session.


Short Term Purpose Plans

- One Hour of Power
- Embrace Your Purpose Master Series
- Producer Intensive
- Productivity Training
- VIP Day
- 3 Day PPP Webinar

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Long Term Producer Plans

- Find Your Purpose Producer Plan
- Embrace Your Purpose Producer Plan
- Live In Your Purpose Producer Plan

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- Losing Love, Having Faith, & Finding Hope
- Delayed But Not Denied
- She Would Not Let Me Fall
- Black, Brilliant, & Built For Success

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Terryl is an amazing life and business strategist. I was at a stand still in my business and was not sure of the next steps to move forward. Terryl has used her expertise to educate, guide and propel me to the next level. She is a Master Coach and a Master at producing! She has helped me create a foundation on which I continue to build daily. She instilled confidence in me which allowed me to stop the cycle of self-doubt and self-sabotage. I am truly blessed to have Terryl in my corner. I have gained a friend and mentor. If you are ready to be a Producer, Terryl should be on your team! Kerie-Ann
Terryl Ebony is a master coach! She is no nonsense, tells you like it is and helps you face your fears. I came to Terryl knowing I needed help and a different kind of focus in my business. To date, she has helped me build a fantastic base and I feel more confident as I grow from strength to strength. Not only have I gained business management insight and solid growth structure, but I also gained a friend and mentor for life. Terryl rocks and you should get in on what she has to offer today! Mellany
Leslie Thomas
Terryl Ebony is a phenomenal powerhouse! My experience with Terryl was during her Master Series where she provided relevant and unique plans that tailored to each participant. Everything from Branding, to how to LLC your business and Finance. Terryl had an expert panel who poured in to us and got our businesses off to a running start! She is outstanding and her relationships are for life. Epic experience! Leslie Thomas
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